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Snieglentės batai Trans Team

Turimi dydžiai 42.5, 43, 44

Vieneto kaina (vnt.): 87,00 € 145,00 €
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Trans Team snieglentės batai

Technologie: new ica leather for extra long lifetime

| high-quality optic with prints in 80's style

| 3d preshaped thick padded fleece inside-shoe for best heel fixation

| additional c-shaped ankle parts with adjustable ankle hold

| light, low sole in three part form for best cushioning

| preshaped tounge with continious padding

| our double fastlace version makes lacing very simple – fix and lace in one step

| long lasting, flexible and handy speedlaces

| flexible, costly and reinforced cordura shaft

| costly labeling with prints, sticks and gumlogos

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